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Settle an estate/succession online

Proceed yourself online with the liquidation of an estate.

Free Estate Guide to help any estate liquidator in his or her tasks.

This document sets out the value of the family patrimony of married or civilly united spouses following the death of one of them.
This document sets out the partitionable value of acquests following the death of one of the spouses married or civilly united under the regime of partnership of acquests.
Death certificate|starting from $60
The death certificate issued by the Registrar of civil status establishes officially the death of a person.
Declaration of legal heirs|starting from $75
The declaration of legal heirs or inheritance allows you to draw up a list of the deceased's heirs within the meaning of the Civil Code of Quebec.
The declaration of transmission of movable property establishes the transfer of the deceased's rights to his heirs.
The discharge signed by the heir shall be deemed as an acceptance of the estate settlement and releases the liquidator from his duties and responsibilities as administrator.
Estate Correspondence|starting from $7

Different types of letters which are helpful during the whole process of an estate settlement.

Your formal notice to demand that the liquidator proceed with the preparation of an estate inventory.
An inventory of the estate must be drawn up within six months following the death.
Matrimonial search enables you to know the marital status and matrimonial regime of the deceased.
You can draft a notice of closure of the estate inventory.
If the Will or gift contains an exemption from seizure clause, the publication of such a clause in the RDPRM protects heirs against seizure.
The notice of appointment of the liquidator published in the RDPRM discloses the identity of the liquidator to the heirs and third persons.
The publication of the notice of closure of the liquidator's account confirms the end of the administration of the estate by the latter.
The notice of closure of the estate inventory must be published in the RDPRM by the liquidator.
To establish the net asset value of the deceased's estate following its administration by the liquidator.
Will|starting from $35
A Will allows you to choose your heirs and the person who will settle your estate upon your death.
Will search|starting from $90
a Will search to find out if a Will was made and signed by the deceased before a legal expert or to simply make sure that you actually have in your possession the last testamentary instrument of the deceased.

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