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Create online your own real estate documents

All you need to prepare your contracts related to the real estate field.

Commercial lease|starting from $50
Your commercial lease to establish your lessor and lessee relationship.
Your offer to lease for a commercial or industrial space in order to determine your rights as a landlord or tenant.
Renewal of a commercial lease|starting from $40
Your commercial lease extension or renewal agreement to establish the course of your landlord/lessor and tenant/lessee relationship.
Your rental agreement for a cottage - the only document evidencing your agreement between owner and renter.
Your lease for vacation purposes to rent a cottage on a long term; your only written agreement between owner and tenant.
Your offer to purchase for an already built immovable property in order to well start your negotiations.
Offer to purchase - vacant land|starting from $40
Your offer to purchase for a vacant land in order to well start your negotiations.
Real estate power of attorney|starting from $50
Release for real estate mortgage|starting from $250
Obtaining the release of a mortgage is the last step to officially acknowledge that your loan is fully paid off.

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