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Renunciation of a succession signed before a notary online

This document allows you to renounce a succession in the event that it is insolvent or to simply reject your share of the inheritance to which you may be entitled...more

  1. Answer the questionnaire
  2. Meet a notary online
  3. Sign the notarized document online


Enter how many persons are renouncing the succession
3 heirs/successors are included. $25 extra fee per additional heir/successor.
RDPRM registration fees - Non-taxable $52


  • Under the Civil Code of Québec, any heir who does not wish to claim his rights in an estate/succession has a period of 6 months following the death of a person to expressly waive them.
  • The decision to renounce a succession can be simply made to reject an inheritance from the deceased or because the succession is insolvent.
  • Service process:
    • Virtual interview with a notary to properly assess your needs and answer your legal questions;
    • Preparation of the deed of renunciation of the succession and sending of a draft to the signing heirs;
    • Videoconference meeting with the notary for explanations and electronic signing of the document before the notary.
  • The fees for the electronic signature platform are included.
  • This online service is suitable for an unconditional renunciation by one, more or all the heirs of the deceased. However, if minor children are involved as heirs, please contact  .
  • A period of 3 to 15 business days will be required for the preparation of your service request
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* These fees may be changed within a 60-day notice and in accordance with section 71 of the Code of ethics of notaries.

GST and QST not included.

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