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Simon Forget fund for school perseverance

ScriptaLegal is proud to support the Simon Forget Fund for School Perseverance, an integral part of the fondation of Stanislas College, which was created to perpetuate its values by supporting the students of the college.

Simon was a genuine, fair person who defended the weak and admired the strong. He has always been attentive to each of his students. He had the gift of making his students not only smarter but also better. He knew how to find the right words to restore confidence and that with perseverance anything is possible...

For Simon, everyone can succeed "in joy and good humor" as he said every day, that learning is a strength that is built and that transmitting was a commitment on which he did not compromise... This is what Simon was.

The goal of the Simon Forget school perseverance fund is to continue Simon's work as he would have liked. He was a committed and passionate teacher, taking care of the future of each of his students, especially those who needed it, supporting them so that they could motivate themselves and thus surpass themselves to achieve their own academic success.

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