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Inventory of the estate

An inventory of the estate must be drawn up within six months following the death...more

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  • The inventory is a crucial step in the process of liquidation of the estate.
  • The liquidator or, where applicable, the heirs of the deceased have a period of up to six months from the date of death to draw up an inventory of the estate.
  • The testator cannot exempt the liquidator from proceeding with the preparation of the inventory.
  • The content of the inventory should reflect, as accurately as possible, the actual state of the deceased's patrimony.
  • The inventory provides information about the assets and liabilities of the deceased as well as a summary allowing you to determine if the estate is solvent or not.
  • Before starting the preparation of the succession inventory, make sure to have a maximum information about the personal property and debts of the deceased.
  • For more information and more complex situations, we invite you to contact  .

* Note: If required and prior to the preparation of the inventory, you may use one or both of the services calculating the value of the family patrimony in the event of death or calculating the value of the partnership of acquests in the event of death, depending on the marital status of the deceased.

If the deceased was married or civilly united, the preparation of the inventory may require up to three (3) steps:

  • To proceed with the establishment of the value of the family patrimony for each of the married or civilly united spouses *;
  • To proceed with the establishment of the value of acquests of each of the spouses who are married or civilly united under the regime of partnership of acquests;
  • To determine the assets and liabilities of the deceased regardless of his marital status.

If the liquidator obtains the unanimous consent of all heirs and successors, he may be exempt from making the inventory.

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