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Agreements or contracts

For a shareholders' agreement or various types of contracts or agreements commonly used in the business or corporate affairs.

Your confidentiality agreement to keep confidential the information that a party must disclose to the other in connection with business discussions.
Movable Hypothec|starting from $80
The movable hypothec agreement is used to secure the obligation of a debtor to a creditor.
Purchase offer for a business|starting from $100
Your purchase offer for a business including or not including a real estate property to well start your negotiations.
Sale of a business|starting from $150
Your agreement for sale of business allows you to set out the different terms and conditions to the sale transaction.
Shareholder agreement|starting from $150
The shareholder buy-sell agreement allows you to organize the administration of your business corporation and plan the disposition of shares upon the death or withdrawal of a shareholder from the corporation.
Your unanimous shareholder agreement to restrict, in whole or in part, the powers of directors of a corporation.

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