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Save with one of our packages

Various packages are available in order for you to save money if you plan to buy several documents on our website.

Personal Law

Notice and other relevant documents for the directors of a syndicate of co-owners or the manager of several immovables held in co-ownership.
In order to not neglect the necessary administrative procedures for the estate settlement of one of your close relatives.
Preparing your Will and protection mandate in case of incapacity is the first legal step to take in order to have some control over your future and the one of your loved ones.
Everything you need to properly cover the various legal and financial aspects of your life together.
Everything you need to proceed with the sale or purchase of a used motor vehicle between individuals.

Business Law

To draft your own commercial lease online.
Various packages related to the legal aspects of a corporation.
The necessary documents to purchase or sell a business.
To ensure transparency with the signing of a lease agreement.
Everything you need to properly manage your company's human resources.

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