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Publication of a stipulation of unseizability/exemption from seizure clause in the RDPRM

If the Will or gift contains an exemption from seizure clause, the publication of such a clause in the RDPRM protects heirs against seizure...more

  1. Answer the questionnaire
  2. Receive confirmation of publication

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4 legatees included, $4.50 per additional legatee.
Starting from
Fees for the registration of the form at the RDPRM - Non-taxable $51

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  • If the Will or gift contains a clause of exemption from seizure, said clause may be published in the RDPRM by the liquidator of the estate or by the recipient of the gift.
  • The publication of the exemption from seizure clause allows it to be set up against third parties.
  • Request a publication to prevent creditors of heirs or of the recipient from seizing the property received.
  • For more information and more complex situations, we invite you to contact  .
  • A period of 3 to 10 business days will be required for the preparation of your service request
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