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Various useful documents related to the termination of an employment.

Letter from employer wishing to provide reference to a former employee.
Letter useful for an employee wishing to quit his or her job and give written notice of his or her resignation to the company's manager.
Letter useful for an employer wishing to terminate permanently the employment relationship with an employee for economic, organizational and/or technical reasons.
Notice of an employer who, for various reasons, wishes to proceed with the temporary layoff of an employee for a period of less or more than 6 months.
Letter useful for an employer who does not wish to renew an employee's fixed-term employment contract.
A release and discharge is generally required by the employer upon termination of employment of the employee, regardless of whether or not it is a voluntary departure.
The work certificate allows to establish the period of employment of a former employee and provide a picture of the tasks and duties entrusted to the employee during said period.

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