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Declaration of legal heirs

The declaration of legal heirs or inheritance allows you to draw up a list of the deceased's heirs within the meaning of the Civil Code of Quebec...more

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Appointment of a liquidator (only applies if there are 2 heirs and more) $50
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  • When a person dies without leaving a Will or by leaving an incomplete Will, the declaration of legal heirs will allow you to list the heirs of the deceased as provided in the Civil Code of Quebec.
  • The declaration is used when dealing with different stakeholders such as:
    • financial institutions;
    • insurance companies;
    • or for claims of assets or others.
  • In this same document, the heirs can also proceed with the appointment of a liquidator who will administer the estate assets.
  • The Civil Code of Quebec does not require that the declaration of legal heirs be notarized. However, some financial institutions make it a requirement. It is always best to first check with the institution in which the deceased held assets before completing this document online.
  • If need be, use our other online service of notarized declaration of legal heirs.
  • For more information and more complex situations, we invite you to contact  .

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