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All you need to record, through written resolutions, the decisions made by the corporation.

Shares|starting from $12

Everything you need to proceed with the subscription, issue, transfer, redemption of shares and even the replacement of a share certificate.

Director|starting from $10

For the appointment, acceptance, resignation, revocation or incapacity of a director of the corporation and the decision regarding his replacement.

Annual meetings|starting from $75

To comply with the Business Corporations Act and avoid any potentiel problems.

Officer|starting from $10

Resolution or notice for the appointment, resignation, incapacity or revocation of an officer of the corporation and the decision concerning his replacement.

Dividend and bonus|starting from $18

Resolution for declaring dividends or bonuses of the corporation.

Proxyholder|starting from $18

All documentation required to appoint or accept a voting power of attorney in a business corporation.

Resolution of the corporation authorizing the use of an assumed name.
Minute book of the corporation|starting from $100
Corporation's minute book necessary to keep records of official documents of your incorporated business.

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