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Legal organization of a business corporation

Everything you need to proceed with the legal organization of the newly formed corporation...more

  1. Answer the questionnaire
  2. Print the resolutions and documents
  3. Sign and keep them

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  • Upon issuance of its articles of incorporation, a corporation legally exists as a legal person, but it must be subjected to a legal organization as soon as possible following the incorporation to comply with the requirements of the Business Corporations Act.
  • The legal organization of a corporation in particular consists of the adoption of a banking by-law, general and administrative by-laws depending on whether it is a provincial or federal corporation, as well as the passing of resolutions of directors and of shareholders, and other documents referred to in the "Summary" tab above.
  • For additional legal information on corporate services, please contact  .
  • This service offers to the person who would be the sole shareholder of a corporation governed by the Quebec Business Corporations Act the possibility of choosing an organization without a board of directors. If that would be the case, said person will have to sign a declaration of the sole shareholder to withdraw all powers from the board of directors.
  • To comply with the law and avoid any misunderstandings or delay, for example, in obtaining financing, it is important that the corporation's minute book be kept up to date and be a true reflection of the current administrative situation of the corporation and its directors, officers and shareholders.
  • Accordingly, all resolutions of the board of directors and of shareholders must be duly signed by the concerned persons and the minutes, where applicable, must be subject to adoption at the next meeting.


This is what is included in this service for the legal organization of a corporation.

- Resolution for the first organizational meeting of directors, including, where applicable, the notice of resignation by any first director;

- Resolution for the first shareholders meeting;

- Resolution for the second meeting of directors or, where applicable, the declaration of the sole shareholder;

- General and administrative by-laws, depending on whether it is a Quebec or Canadian (federal) corporation;

- Banking by-law;

- Notice of subscription for any share subscription;

- Statement of exemption under Regulation 45-106 for any share subscription;

- Share certificate template;

- Share certificate for any share subscription (optional)

- If applicable, a release for shares subscribed in consideration for unpaid past services;

- Acceptance of office for all elected directors, unless a Quebec corporation with a sole shareholder opted for management without a board of directors;

- Register of directors;

- Register of officers;

- Shareholders register;

- Securities register;

- Register of individuals with significant control (canadian corporation) and, as the case may be, template of the information statement.

If you wish to obtain the corporation's minute book or the resolution and proxy concerning the appointment of a proxyholder for a shareholder which is a legal person, please use our other available services.

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