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Rendering of account by the mandatary/curator/tutor/guardian

To prepare a provisional or final rendering of account of the operations of the mandatary, curator, tutor or guardian on behalf of the incapacitated adult or the minor for a given period...more

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  • The rendering of account or operations report is an provisional or final step in the process of administration of the assets of an incapacitated adult/minor by his or her mandatary, curator, tutor or guardian.
  • This document enables to establish the net value of the assets of the incapacitated adult or the minor on a given date following administration by a mandatary, curator, or tutor/guardian.
  • The rendering of account must be sufficiently detailed so that concerned persons can verify its accuracy.
  • The mandatary, curator, or tutor/guardian must be able to submit supporting documents at the end of his or her administration.
  • For more information and for more complex situations, please contact  .

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