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Inventory of the assets of the incapacitated adult or minor

The inventory of the personal and real estate property of the incapacitated adult or the minor is prepared by the mandatary, curator or guardian in the days following his appointment confirmed by judgment...more

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  • The inventory is an important step following the issuance of the judgment homologating a protection mandate, the institution of protective supervision or the appointment of a tutor/guardian.
  • The inventory is also used to protect the mandatary, curator or guardian.
  • The content of the inventory should reflect as accurately as possible the assets of the incapacitated adult or minor.
  • The inventory provides details about theassets and liabilitiesof the incapacitated adult or minor.
  • Before starting this service, make sure you get the maximum information about the personal assets and the debts of the incapacitated adult/minor.
  • For more information and for more complex situations, please contact  .

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