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Letter of dismissal as a result of past disciplinary actions

Letter useful for an employer wishing to terminate immediately the employment agreement of an employee who has been subject to various disciplinary actions in the past, by paying a compensatory indemnity to the latter...more

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  • This letter should be used only in case where the dismissed employee has already been subject to various disciplinary actions or temporary suspensions in the past, which disciplinary actions are the results of repeated misconduct and unacceptable behaviours by the employee, and which the latter has not addressed, changed or improved despite disciplinary the past disciplinary actions taken against him or her already, such repeated misconduct or unacceptable behaviour constituting a just and sufficient cause to terminate permanently the employee's work agreement.
  • With this letter, the employer terminates immediately the employment agreement with the employee without giving him or her the written notice of termination provided by law, provided the employee is not subject to the exception set out by law concerning the delivery of such notice, but the employer will have to pay the dismissed employee a compensatory indemnity determined according to the standards set by law.
  • Note that this letter may only be used in the case of a repeated misconduct and unacceptable behaviour of an employee who has previously been subject to several disciplinary actions, the latest of which was notified to the employee as being the last resort before facing a possible dismissal.
  • Important general information concerning the dismissal of an employee.
  • Our letter of dismissal as a result of past disciplinary actions is appropriate for most situations where a good solid case is build by the employer against an employee behaving in inappropriate and offensive ways, this case reflecting the number of disciplinary actions already taken against the employee in the past, including any temporary suspension.
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