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Release for real estate mortgage

Obtaining the release of a mortgage is the last step to officially acknowledge that your loan is fully paid off...more

  1. Answer the questionnaire
  2. Get the release and cancellation of your mortgage


Land Register consultation fee $10
Land Register registration fees - Non-taxable $148

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  • This real estate mortgage release applies only to mortgages taken with Canadian financial institutions or recognized public corporations.
  • To obtain the release of a mortgage, you must have in hand a copy of a letter or statement of the lender in which it confirms the full repayment of your mortgage loan (balance of loan is $0) and a copy of the municipal tax account statement of the property subject to this mortgage.
  • The cancellation of a mortgage is mandatory when selling a property.
  • The duly signed release will be emailed to you following its registration in the Land Register.  
  • For more details and for a more complex situation, please contact  
  • 20 to 90 working days may be necessary after sending the document to the creditor for signature.
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