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Offer to lease for a commercial or industrial space

Your offer to lease for a commercial or industrial space in order to determine your rights as a landlord or tenant...more

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  3. Sign

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To obtain the extract of resolution of the offeror which would be a corporation $5
To obtain the extract of resolution of the owner which would be a corporation $5
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No discount or credit is applicable to this option.

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  • The offer to lease is a contract to be concluded between a landlord (the lessor), and a prospective tenant (the lessee) who is interested in renting a space for professional, commercial or industrial purposes.
  • The offer to lease is not subject to the rules pertaining to residential tenancies.
  • It is therefore essential that the landlord and the future tenant discuss and agree on each of the provisions of the offer that will bind them, as it will be the only document evidencing their agreement until the lease agreement is signed.
  • The offer to lease must be explicit on:
    • The rent related matters;
    • The description of the leased premises;
    • The intended use for the leased premises;
    • The renewal options.
  • The offer to lease available on this website is a document that provides the main clauses listed in the "Summary" tab.
  • It is also a document that will meet your needs for relatively simple lease offers. For offers to lease whereof conditions are more complex, please contact  .


Summary of clauses provided in the commercial offer to lease.

  • Identification of the parties
  • Description of the leased premises
  • Term
  • Rent
  • Operating costs
  • Reimbursement of taxes paid by the Lessor on behalf of the Offeror
  • Electricity consumption, heating and maintenance of systems
  • Renewal options
  • Work
  • Insurance
  • Assignment and Sublease
  • Special clause
  • Additional clause
  • Intervention of surety
  • Other provisions
  • Building rules and regulations
  • Closing formalities

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