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Notice of demotion

The notice of demotion is often used by an employer as an alternative to the dismissal when the latter wants to keep an employee who has difficulties in his or her current job position, the performance of his or her duties or tasks...more

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  • General information related to demotion.
  • The notice of demotion is regarded as a corrective action to address the inappropriate behaviour or ineffective performance of an employee, and may also be used as a disciplinary action. Indeed, an employer expects an employee to deliver a work performance that is appropriate for the position held by the latter, as well as perform his or her duties adequately and safely at all times.
  • The notice of demotion is generally used by the employer to keep an employee, despite the fact that the latter, for various reasons, can no longer deliver a satisfactory work output for the position held, nor perform his or her tasks and duties adequately.
  • It is important to know that the demotion does not terminate the employee's employment, as it is only a corrective action taken by the employer to address the bad behaviour or poor performance of an employee. It therefore does not need to be preceded by a formal written warning from the employer nor will it ever be subject to the payment of a compensatory indemnity.
  • From the choices available in our questionnaire, the notice of demotion will allow you to explain in details to the employee the reasons that led to his or her demotion; our notice of demotion will include the title of the new position that the employee will hold in the company and the effective date of the demotion.
  • Our notice of demotion will be suitable for most situations where an employer wishes to offer an employee a chance to keep a job in the company, despite some behavioural difficulties, or a poor performance or unsatisfactory output with respect to the position held, before having to make the decision to dismiss him or her.
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