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Transfer of shares - Resolution

Corporation's resolution to accept a transfer of shares in its share ownership...more

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Available options

To obtain the share certificates in connection with any class of shares having been transferred
Expect an additional amount of $5.00 for each class of shares being transferred.
Questionnaires review with a member of our legal team
No discount or credit is applicable to this option.

Other services offered


  • Service useful for the case where a corporation accepts a transfer of shares by one or more of its shareholders.
  • The corporation's resolution for the transfer of shares, available on this website, meets the needs of most corporations for relatively simple situations and includes the documentation referred to in the "Summary" tab above.
  • For a more complex situation, please contact  .
  • In general, any decision regarding a corporation must be made by resolution by its board of directors. In the case of a transfer of shares, several documents must be signed and steps are to be taken.
  • Any resolution of a corporation should be kept in its minute book.


The transfer of shares by the issuing corporation includes the following documentation, namely:

  • The corporation's resolution for the acceptance of the transfer of shares
  • Notice of transfer of shares
  • Statement relating to Regulation 45-106
  • Transfer register, shareholders and securities register
  • And, where applicable:
  • Share certificate of the transferor with a balance of shares on certificate endorsed for the transfer
  • Share certificate for assignee (optional)
  • Statement of intervention for a natural person to a unanimous shareholder agreement already in force
  • Statement of intervention for a natural person to another type of shareholder agreement

If the transfer of shares is carried out by or for a Corporation, other related services in connection with a corporate shareholder are also offered on this website in order to obtain all the relevant resolutions and documents.

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