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Applicant consent form during a selection or pre-hiring process

Document useful for a company seeking the authorization of an applicant/candidate to verify his or her personal information and credentials...more

  1. Answer the questionnaire
  2. Print your consent form
  3. Have it signed


  • The consent form should be used only in case where a company, in the course of a selection or pre-employment process for a job opening, wishes to make some verifications regarding a candidate and/or the information provided by the latter in the application form.
  • In this consent, the applicant authorizes the company to communicate with his or her current and former employers of which contact information was provided by the applicant for reference purposes, as well as all schools and universities to which he or she attended, while allowing them to provide the company with all relevant information about him or her.
  • Once duly signed by the candidate/applicant, this consent form will be valid only during the selection or pre-employment process in respect of a position for which he or she applied.
  • Our candidate/applicant consent form during a selection or pre-employment process is suitable for most situations, since it provides several topics in connection with the verifications that may be required and/or information that may be requested from the applicant. If necessary, click on the "Summary" tab to learn more about the content of this form.
  • You will find a host of information on various legal matters on  .

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Our consent form is particularly applicable for the following cases for which the company can make a choice from our questionnaire, depending on its needs:

  1. Perform a medical evaluation to assess the applicant's state of health;
  2. Check the medical records of the applicant with his or her physicians;
  3. Do a credit check on the applicant;
  4. Contact current and former employers of the applicant for reference purposes;
  5. Check employment references provided by the applicant and information provided by the latter;
  6. Check the veracity and accuracy of the information submitted by the applicant in the application form, the documents voluntarily sent by the latter and submitted at the interview.

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