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Useful packages for the directors of a syndicate of co-owners of an immovable property held in divided co-ownership or any manager of several divided co-ownership properties.

The Practical

Save $8 (17%) 

This package includes everything you need for the convening of the annual general meeting of co-owners and the drafting of the minutes of proceedings to be kept in the register of the co-ownership.

Includes :

The Administrator

Save $20 (29%) 

Ideal for any director of a syndicate of co-owners, this package includes the majority of documents necessary during the course of a year, for an unlimited period of time.

Includes :

The Manager

$600* / Year

Ideal for a manager of several immovable properties held in divided co-ownership (condominiums).  This subscription includes all necessary legal documentation to be taken care of by each of the syndicate of co-owners.

Generate an unlimited number of :
* Unless otherwise stated, the cost of options is not included

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