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Such a demand must allow the addressee to fulfill its obligation without going to court.

Acquisition of property|starting from $15

Various formal notices that may be useful following the acquisition of property.

Amount due|starting from $15

Various formal notices that may be useful to claim the payment of amounts due.

Co-ownership|starting from $15

Various formal notices which may be useful for requests concerning a co-ownership.

Damage to property|starting from $15

Formal notice to demand repairs/reimbursement of the damages caused to your property by a third party.

Estate/Succession|starting from $15

Formal notice to demand that the liquidator proceed with the preparation of an estate inventory.

Immovable/Real estate property|starting from $15

Various formal notices which may be useful for demands concerning an immovable/real estate property.

Latent/hidden defect|starting from $15

Various formal notices in relation to a latent defect.

Leasing|starting from $15

Various useful formal notices in connection with the lease of an immovable property.

Marine|starting from $15

Various formal notices that may be useful for a boat owner.

Neighborhood|starting from $15

Various formal notices to make requests related to situations that may occur between neighbors.

Shareholder agreement|starting from $15

Formal notice that may be useful following the signing of a shareholder agreement.

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