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Last Will and Testament

Your Will allows you to choose to whom you will pass on your property upon your death...more

  1. Answer the questionnaire
  2. Print your Last Will and Testament
  3. Sign

Available options

Designation of a beneficiary of life insurance policies issued on your life $5
Designating a spouse or dependent child as beneficiary of your registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs) and income fund (RRIF) $5
Adding specific gifts or bequests $5
Appointment of a guardian for your minor children $5


  • The Will contains the wishes of one person.
  • Your personalized Will contains the main clauses identified in the "Summary" tab.
  • You must sign the Will with and in the presence of two witnesses of full age and, depending on the nature of the estate assets, it will be necessary to probate the Will by the Court following your death.
  • An optional clause for the appointment of guardians for your minor children is also available.
  • The customized Last Will and Testament, available on this website, is designed to meet the needs of the majority of people for relatively simple situations.
  • For a Will whereof terms are more complex, please contact your legal advisor.


Summary of clauses available for the preparation of your Will.

  • Revocation of previous Wills
  • Marital status
  • Appointment of executor
  • Declaration of beneficiaries of life insurance policies (optional)
  • Designation of Beneficiary of savings plans (optional)
  • Payment of taxes and other debts
  • Specific bequests (optional)
  • Residue of the estate
  • Payments for minor beneficiaries or beneficiaries under legal disabilities
  • Conversion of assets and powers of the executor
  • Exemption from seizure
  • Exclusions from net family property and community of property
  • Oath and security
  • Resignation
  • Compensation
  • Appointment of a guardian (optional)
  • Funeral arrangements
  • Governing Law
  • Interpretation clause
  • Closing formalities

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* These fees may be changed within a 60-day notice and in accordance with section 71 of the Code of ethics of notaries.

GST and QST not included.

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