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Contract for services for independent worker

Contract useful for a company that wishes to hire the services of an independent worker for a specified period or for a self-employed worker whose services are hired by a company that wants to ensure the seriousness of an agreement between the parties...more

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The contract for services for independent/self-employed worker is an agreement between a client, the one who requires services, and the worker, the one who is committed to provide the services requested by the client. It could be used by any individual or business corporation.

The client company that hires an independent worker usually does this for a specific job and for a predetermined period of time that is often quite short. This client company thus assumes no legal obligation related to the status of an employer with respect to the services provided by the independent worker, and the independent worker, for its part, by providing its services, does not acquire in any way the legal status of an employee. Often, the independent or self-employed worker is regarded in everyday language as a freelancer or a person working freelance, namely a person who does not benefit from the status of a regular employee protected by various laws and does not receive any benefit from the work performed other than a compensation.

The document available with this service concerns the hiring of the services of an independent worker by a company, but it can in no way be used as an employment contract, meaning that this document is not intended to give the worker the benefit and legal status of an employee. Indeed, these two types of contract demonstrate differences in terms of relationships between the concerned parties. Although the contract template available in our website is tailored for services provided by a self-employed worker for a work or tasks performed for the client, we would like to emphasize that this template can also be used if the self-employed person is paid exclusively through commission on sales.

For tax reasons, the independent or self-employed worker may have chosen to incorporate his or her business. In such a case, if the worker is acting through his personal holding company, the latter will then also have to personally intervene in the contract to ensure the client company that he or she will indeed personally do the job.

Your contract for services for an independent/self-employed worker will set out in particular:

  • The work to be performed or the specific services to be provided to the client;
  • The type of remuneration paid for his or her services and payment terms;
  • The length of the work. When the work is completed, the contract for services will then terminate;

Your contract for services for independent worker aims to prevent possible conflicts between the parties since it establishes in advance the main rules that will govern the economic and business relationships between the parties in respect of the contracted services.

Our contract for services for independent/self-employed worker is a document that includes the main clauses applicable to such a contract and of which an overview is available in the "Summary" tab above.

  • Our contract for services for independent/self-employed worker is designed to meet relatively simple needs. For a contract for services of which conditions are more complex, please contact  .


Summary of terms available for the preparation of your contract for services for independent/self-employed worker.

  • Identification of the parties
  • Preliminary provisions
  • Services
  • Term of contract, including, where applicable, automatic renewal option
  • Effective date
  • Terms and conditions applicable to select services
  • Work schedule
  • Provision of tools
  • Consideration for services rendered by the worker
  • Remuneration or Commission paid to the worker
  • Reimbursement of expenses incurred by the worker
  • Terms of payment to the worker
  • Interest payable on any amount owed to the worker
  • Representations of the client-company
  • Representations of the worker
  • Obligations of the worker, including the choice available if insurance is necessary for the worker
  • Copyrights and other intellectual property rights associated with products and services created, designed and developed by the worker for the client company while rendering services under the contract (optional)
  • Commitment to confidentiality by the worker and penalties in case of breach (optional)
  • Termination of contract
  • Termination of contract in case of default and return of equipment supplied to the worker
  • Special provisions
    • Restriction on the transfer of the contract by the worker to a third party
    • Relationship between the parties
  • Miscellaneous
    • Entire agreement
    • Signing of other documents
    • Severability
    • Cumulative rights
    • No waiver of rights
    • Interpretation clause
    • Notice
    • Counterparts
    • Governing law
    • Election of domicile
    • Enforcement
    • Declaration of the parties
    • No partnership or joint venture through the contract
  • Intervention (as needed)
  • Signatures

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