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Purchase of a boat - Sale - Mortgage

Purchase of a boat - Sale - Mortgage

Purchase or sale of a used boat, preparation of a marine mortgage and any other related formality...more

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  • Purchase or sale of a used boat between individuals;
  • Financing through a marine mortgage;
  • Obtaining or transferring a pleasure craft licence or Certificate of Registry;
  • Other formalities with the competent authorities to comply with the Canada Shipping Act, 2001.

Avoid troubled waters! Secure your transaction.

  • Our team of specialized notaries and lawyers perform for you the necessary verifications and operations to ensure the success of your transaction;
  • The amounts received will go through the notary's trust account;
  • We will pay out any lender registered on the boat out of the proceeds of the sale;
  • We will obtain the cancellation of any lien or claim registered against the boat.
  • Online quote submitted within 24 business hours.

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