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Frequently asked questions > Asset protection > The virtual patrimony > If I did not plan anything during my lifetime concerning my accounts on the Web, what will happen when I die?

If I did not plan anything during my lifetime concerning my accounts on the Web, what will happen when I die?

Since a few years, the approach of different service providers is in complete evolution to better meet the needs of their users or criticisms expressed towards their procedures or Terms of Use in case of death. Then let us look at what can be offered to a services' user.

Google was an instigator of the first hour to address the problem of accounts owned by a deceased. Google has implemented the inactive account administrator that is free. Since it is very difficult to access the Gmail account of a deceased user and that it is almost impossible to delete a Google account, this inactive account administrator seems to be an interesting solution to answer this problem.

Since 2015, Facebook has also addressed this problem of accounts opened by persons who are now dead. Previously, if a close relative had not the password of the deceased's Facebook page, it became impossible to manage this page by accepting requests from people who wanted to give a last testimony. Facebook changed its mode of operation to allow its users to appoint, by means of options offered on its website, a person as the manager of the deceased's "post mortem" page. However, given the confidentiality of messages posted online by the deceased, the person so appointed cannot have access to all of the deceased's private messages that, as for them, will remain blocked. In addition, Facebook will neither communicate the login IDs and any authorized representative of the deceased who will want afterward to close this memorial page will have to follow the closing account procedure of Facebook.

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