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How to establish a maintenance log?

Although a maintenance logbook is not yet mandatory, it is recommanded to keep one. Once the maintenance logbook becomes mandatory, the form and content thereof as well as the persons who may establish it will be determined by government regulation.

The directors shall appoint a building technologist to establish a maintenance log for the undivided co-ownership.

Drafting of this log normally involves four steps:

  1. Make the inventory and determine all the components of the common portions and common portions for restricted use of the co-ownership.
  2. Calculate the cost of interventions which will have to be performed to preserve, replace and maintain all common portions for the next 25 years, i.e.:
    • The cost of maintenance or replacement;
    • The management expenses;
    • The fees for professional services;
    • The taxes.
  3. Establish the schedule of works which must normally be made and their frequency. As examples, caulking of windows every 10 years and replacement of asphalt shingle of the roof every 20 years, etc.
  4. Establish the annual contributions taking into account the increase of costs according to inflation.

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