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Sale of a business

Your agreement for sale of business allows you to set out the different terms and conditions to the sale transaction...more

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  • The agreement for sale of business is an agreement reached between the seller of a business, which is sometimes commonly called the "goodwill", and the purchaser.
  • The agreement for the sale of business enables you to set forth the various terms and arrangements made between the parties.
  • If the sale of the business includes a real estate property, this type of property must then be subject to a separate sale agreement, since the sale of a real estate property requires the signing of a notarized deed.
  • The agreement for sale of business, available on this website, is a document that contains the main provisions whereof an overview can be found in the "Summary" tab above.
  • This is a document that will meet your needs for a relatively simple sale of business. For a sale of business of which conditions are more complex, especially for a transaction with a balance of sale price or for a transaction including the sale of an immovable/real estate property, we invite you to contact  .

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Options and fees
Sale of a business $150
For the intervention of a third-party as buyer's guarantor $7
To add a non-competition clause $10
To add a non-solicitation of customers clause $10
To add a non-solicitation of personnel clause $10
To add all contractual terms relating to a balance of sale price to be eventually paid by the buyer directly to the seller himself. $7
To obtain the extract of resolution of the seller which is a corporation with the consent of shareholders, where applicable. $7
To obtain the extract of resolution of the buyer which is a corporation $5
Have your questionnaires reviewed by a member of our legal team
- This option requires the intervention of a member of our team, so its cost is never credited.

You may choose to prepare your "Agreement for sale of business" online. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Start the service by clicking on the blue button labelled "Click here to start";
  • If you have not already done so, please sign up;
  • It is recommended that all parties involved in the transaction complete the questionnaire by entering the information required for the preparation of your agreement for the sale of business;
  • It is also advisable for the purchaser to ensure that the assets sold are free of any charge, encumbrance and mortgage by using our "RDPRM preliminary movable property search" service
  • Once you have completed the questionnaire, you pay the required fees with your credit card;
  • Print your agreement and proceed with its signing;

For more complex situations requiring further examination, please contact  .


Summary of clauses available for the preparation of your agreement for sale of business.

  • Identification of the parties
  • Sale
  • Consideration
    • Price
    • Breakdown of the sale price
    • Adjustments
    • Statements relating to taxes
  • Declarations of the buyer
    • Capacity
    • Assets/Property
    • Residence
  • Declarations of the seller
    • Capacity
    • Assets/Property
    • Human resources
    • Financial management
    • Permit
    • Disputes
  • Obligations of the buyer
  • Obligations of the seller
    • Transition
    • Delivery
    • Non-competition (optional)
    • Non-solicitation of customers (optional)
    • Non-solicitation of personnel (optional)
    • Stocktaking
    • Compensation
    • Layoff
  • Additional clause (The parties may add customized clauses)
  • Closing formalities
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