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Specific power of attorney for a real estate property

The specific power of attorney allows you to name the person who can act on your behalf to sell, buy, borrow and hypothecate or manage a property in Quebec...more

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Available options

To sell a property Included
To buy a property Included
Option - To borrow and sign a mortgage for a property $20
To borrow and sign a mortgage for a property Included
To administer one or more real estate properties Included
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No discount or credit is applicable to this option.

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  • Drafting a specific power of attorney under private writing allows you to appoint a trusted person who will proceed, on your behalf, with any transaction relating to the administration, purchase, sale or mortgage of an immovable/real estate property located in the Province of Quebec.
  • Our specific power of attorney is a document that will meet your needs for relatively simple situations.
  • Note that for a deed of sale of a real estate property, the Civil Code of Quebec requires that the power of attorney be certified by a notary or a lawyer or, when signed outside of Quebec, by a competent public officer;
  • For a specific power of attorney of which conditions are more complex, please contact  .

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