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In what civil union is different from marriage?

Although it creates the same rights and obligations as the marriage, the civil union, however, is only really appropriate for the only people domiciled in Québec. Indeed, it is likely that it is not recognized as equivalent to the marriage outside of Quebec. The federal government of Canada, for example, does not recognize it. So it could be very risky to invoke the civil union for facilitating a procedure of immigration or the request of a visa for abroad.

Civil union, however, presents another peculiarity in relation to marriage, it is that it allows to proceed to a marriage later. In this perspective, it could be appropriate for people who planned to proceed to a religious marriage in the near future, but who wish to be immediately covered with a legal regime similar to that of marriage. The law then provides that civil union will be dissolved by the mere fact of the celebration of subsequent marriage, but that its legal effects will remain in the marriage considering the necessary adaptations. In comparison, the celebration of a civil marriage could impede the celebration of a subsequent religious marriage since religious marriages are registered at the registry office of civil status of Quebec in the same way as civil marriages.

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