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Frequently asked questions > Real estate > Pre-purchase steps > How the legal hypothec of construction is cancelled?

How the legal hypothec of construction is cancelled?

The legal hypothec of the persons who participated in the construction or renovation of an immovable property is published by a construction worker, sub-contractor, contractor, architect or supplier of materials involved in the construction project. It will be cancelled by the consent of the holder or beneficiary of this right.

It can also be the subject of a cancellation on the application of any interested person, if, within six months which follow either the date of registration, or the date of completion of the works, according to the last eventuality, no lawsuit has been instituted and published or no prior notice of the exercise of a hypothecary remedy has been published.

The application must state these causes of cancellation and be accompanied by a proof that it has been notified to the creditors at least 10 days preceding its presentation to the registrar.

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