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Frequently asked questions > Marriage > Civil union > What property constituting the family patrimony in civil union?

What property constituting the family patrimony in civil union?

The family patrimony is constituted of the following property, of which one or the other of the spouses united civilly is the owner:

  • The residences of the family or the rights which confer the use of it;
  • The furniture that furnish or decorate these residences and which serve for the household;
  • The motor vehicles used for travels of the family;
  • The accumulated rights, during the civil union, under a retirement plan;
  • The registered earnings, during the civil union, in the name of each civil union spouse under An Act Respecting the Quebec Pension Plan or of equivalent programs (except in the event of death).

Are excluded from the family patrimony:

  • The property received by one of the spouses united civilly, by succession or gift, before or during the civil union, or the reinvestment of this property.

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