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Frequently asked questions > Marriage > Civil union > Are the matrimonial regimes reviewable?

Are the matrimonial regimes reviewable?

The matrimonial agreements are not unchangeable. They can be modified at any time, by the spouses themselves or by certain legal proceedings. When modifying the civil union contract, the matrimonial regime as well as the gifts can be modified or revoked. Although a gift in the civil union contract is stipulated irrevocable, the latter can be modified, with the consent of both spouses.

Certain circumstances can make it is appropriate to review and proceed to the modification of the civil union contract, such as the acquisition of a business by one of the spouses. The choice of another matrimonial regime can then be imperative to protect the other spouse from the risks associated with the operation of a business. Let us mention furthermore that the attitudes and intentions of the couple can vary with the years, which would also justify a modification to the matrimonial regime.

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