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Personal Law > Marine > Search in the Canadian Register of Vessels by the boat's serial number

Search in the Canadian Register of Vessels by the boat's serial number

Your search in the Canadian Register of Vessels to know whether or not a duly registered boat is free of any lien or encumbrance...more

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To obtain an uncertified transcript - Non-taxable $20
To obtain a certified transcript - Non-taxable $50
To obtain a printed form of the transcript $10

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  • If you intend to buy a "used" boat that is subject to a registration certificate by the Canadian Register of Vessels, it is highly recommended to perform a verification search to ensure that no charge or lien is affecting this vessel.
  • In fact, any boat registered in such register may have been subject to a marine mortgage which would not be registered in the RDPRM.
  • A search in the Canadian Register of Vessels will let you know the number of encumbrances or liens affecting the boat and get a certified or uncertified transcript for more details about the boat itself, its current owner and, where applicable, the encumbrances or liens that may affect it.
  • Do not take the risk of encountering unpleasant surprises and difficulties when transferring the registration of the boat, do your search now and take the necessary actions to protect your purchase.
  • SCRIPTA LEGAL can check for you if the vessel subject to a registration is free of any lien or encumbrance with the Canadian Register of Vessels.
  • Note that for all types of vessels, it is also recommended to make a verification search in the RDPRM using the name of the selling owner, which SCRIPTA LEGAL can also do for you.
  • For more complex situations requiring further examination, please contact  .
  • Your request will be processed within 1 to 3 working days and the result will be sent to you as soon as available.

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