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RDPRM - Preliminary movable property search

To perform a preliminary verification of the encumbrances and liens that may affect the assets of the business...more

  1. Answer questionnaire
  2. Receive the search result


RDPRM consulting fees - Non-taxable
Expect a fee of $10 for each verification performed.
Starting from
To verify more than one name
Expect a fee of $35.00 for the verification of each additional name.

Available options

To retrieve liens that are only on a specific property (e.g., boat, machinery, etc.)
This choice will allow you to give all the details necessary to identify specifically the subject property.

Detailed search result of the RDPRM

If, following a preliminary search, a detailed search is needed, a quote will be emailed to you.

Other services offered


  • With respect to mortgage securities or other forms of collateral, upon the sale of a business or assets of a business, or simply the sale of a specific property, it is important to ensure that the property given as security or sold is free of any lien.
  • The preliminary movable property search in the RDPRM allows you to know if there are encumbrances or mortgages affecting the assets or property of a business, regardless of whether such business is operated by a company or an individual.
  • With the purchase of this service, we will perform for you a verification search with the Quebec Enterprise Register and, where appropriate, with Corporations Canada, to confirm the name or names used by such person in connection with his or her business. Subsequently, we will email you the summary obtained from the RDPRM, which will indicate the number and type of registration that have been made with respect to the name that was originally submitted to us.
  • Note that if there are more than one encumbrance or lien, we will send you, along with the summary, a quote so you can know the cost to obtain a detailed search based on the number of registrations listed on the summary.
  • For more information or for more complex situations, we invite you to contact  .
  • The price displayed is for the case where there is only one company or individual name to verify. Please note that the same amount will be added for each additional company or individual for the search.
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How to submit your request

* These fees may be changed within a 60-day notice and in accordance with section 71 of the Code of ethics of notaries.

GST and QST not included.

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