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Formal notice online by a lawyer

A formal notice allows to explain to the other person precisely what is alleged against that person and also to clarify what that person can do to resolve the situation in order to avoid a legal action...more

  1. Answer the questionnaire
  2. Get a call from the lawyer
  3. Sending of the formal notice by the lawyer

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Sent by bailiff
50$ per notification
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  • A formal notice is a legal document that orders the recipient to formally execute an obligation incumbent to that recipient under certain conditions and within a specific period of time.
  • In some cases, a formal notice is mandatory before taking legal action.
  • Receiving a formal notice prepared by a lawyer may encourage the recipient to settle out of court.
  • How the service works:
    • Interview with a lawyer to identify the problem;
    • Preparing the formal notice by the lawyer;
    • Sending the formal notice to the recipient by the lawyer.
  • A period of 2 to 10 business days will be required for the preparation and sending of the formal notice.

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