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Frequently asked questions > Commercial lease > Before the signing > What are the different types of commercial leases?

What are the different types of commercial leases?

The commercial lease can be a gross lease or a net lease. The gross lease is mainly used for small commercial premises. As it is the case for the lease of residential nature, the lessee pays only a single monthly payment to the lessor.

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Net lease type can include up to four times the expression " net ". The net lease includes a periodic base rent to which is added the proportionate share of the lessee for the operating costs of the building. The net net lease includes, in addition the major repairs. The authors do not agree on the definitions of the net net net (3 net) leases and of the net net net net (4 net) leases, but the more " net " there are, the more the expenses payable by the lessee are increasing.

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