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Personal Law

Will / Mandate

A will, a protection mandate in case of incapacity and a cohabitation agreement between de facto spouses are available.

Power of attorney

The power of attorney, also called the mandate, is a contract by which a person gives authority to another person to represent him in the performance of a legal act with a third party.

Real Estate

An offer to purchase a real estate property, a lease for vacation purposes or a power of attorney to sell, hypothecate or purchase a real estate property, all of these documents may include one or more complex clauses, it is therefore important to prepare them carefully.


Prepare online the notice of meeting, agenda and minutes of proceedings of the co-ownership.


You have been appointed as liquidator or you are the sole heir of an estate and you find yourself in the position of a liquidator.

Formal notice

The formal notice is a legal document demanding that the addressee perform a legal obligation, on specific terms and within a specified time frame. Such a demand must allow the addressee to fulfill its obligation without going to court.


Useful documents for the sale and purchase of a boat.


Agreements and contracts such as an acknowledgement of debt or a motor vehicle sales agreement.

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