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Business Law

Business Corporations|starting from $10

Everything you need for your corporation, whether to incorporate, legally organize, create and maintain a register for the minutes of meetings of your corporation, or simply prepare resolutions for your corporation, all organized by subject.

Agreements or contracts|starting from $20

For a shareholders' agreement or various types of contracts or agreements commonly used in the business or corporate affairs.

Employment / Job|starting from $10

Everything you need to effectively manage your administrative relationships between employer and employees.

Real Estate|starting from $15

An offer to purchase a real estate property, a lease for vacation purposes or a power of attorney to sell, hypothecate or purchase a real estate property, all of these documents may include one or more complex clauses, it is therefore important to prepare them carefully.

Co-ownership/Condo|starting from $8

Prepare online the notice of meeting, agenda and minutes of proceedings of the co-ownership.

Formal notice|starting from $15

The formal notice is a legal document demanding that the addressee perform a legal obligation, on specific terms and within a specified time frame. Such a demand must allow the addressee to fulfill its obligation without going to court.

RDPRM|starting from $25

For searches and publications in the RDPRM (Register of Personal and Movable Real Rights).

Trademarks|starting from $70
The registration of a trademark can be a complex process; an experienced trademark agent may allow the applicant to save time and money by avoiding the pitfalls that can result of incorrectly completed applications or incomplete researches, for example.

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