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Acknowledgement of debt

Your acknowledgement of debt to attest in writing the existence of a loan between the lender and the borrower...more

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  • The acknowledgement of debt is a written document that attests the existence of a money loan by a creditor to a borrower.
  • The acknowledgement of debt can take form of a letter with various clauses, including:
    • The loan amount;
    • The applicable interest rate;
    • The dates of payment;
    • The amount and frequency of payments.
  • The acknowledgement of debt is often the only evidence of the loan's existence.
  • This evidence could be very useful in the case of:
    • Dispute;
    • Death;
    • Legal action.
  • The acknowledgement of debt available on this site is a document that meets your needs for relatively simple loans.
  • For loans whereof conditions are more complex, please contact  .
Options and fees
Acknowledgement of debt $15
Have your questionnaires reviewed by a member of our legal team
- This option requires the intervention of a member of our team, so its cost is never credited.

You can choose to draft an "Acknowledgement of debt" online. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Start the service by clicking on the blue button labelled "Click here to start";
  • If it is not already done, please register;
  • Complete the questionnaires by entering the information necessary to draft the acknowledgement of debt;
  • Once you have completed the questionnaires, you pay the required fees with your credit card;
  • Print the acknowledgement of debt and proceed with its signature;

For more complex situations requiring a more extensive analysis, please contact  .

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