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Private boat sale (between individuals)

Your boat sale evidenced in writing for more security...more

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  • Unlike buying a vessel from a dealership or a specialized salesperson, the Consumer Protection Act does not apply to a private boat sale between individuals.
  • Why sell or buy a used boat through a verbal agreement only?
  • Why not close the sale of a boat by a written agreement and by taking the time to do the necessary basic checks?
  • This website offers a boat sale agreement between individuals that includes several clauses which allow you to conclude your sale with peace of mind:
    • A description of the vessel;
    • A statement that the boat is free of any lien, claim, movable hypothec or marine mortgage, etc.;
    • The transfer of warranty, if any;
    • The seller is actually the rightful owner of the boat.
  • If you wish, we can check for you if the boat you wish to purchase is free of any right or claim in the RDPRM. However, if the boat is subject to a registration certificate, it would also be necessary to check the Canadian Register of Vessels to ensure that no marine mortgage affects the boat.
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Options and fees
Private boat sale (between individuals) $65
Balance of sale price in favour of the Seller $7
Have your questionnaires reviewed by a member of our legal team
- This option requires the intervention of a member of our team, so its cost is never credited.

You may choose to draft your "boat sale agreement" online. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Start the service by clicking on the blue button labelled "Click here to start";
  • If it is not already done, please sign up;
  • Complete the questionnaire by entering the required information for the preparation of the sale agreement;
  • Once you have completed the questionnaire, you pay the required fees with your credit card;
  • Print your sale agreement and proceed with its signing.

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Summary of clauses available for the preparation of your boat sale agreement.

  • Identification of the Parties
  • Interpretation clauses
  • Sale
  • Warranty
  • Consideration
    • Sale price
    • Breakdown of the sale price (If applicable)
    • balance of sale price (optional)
  • insurance (If applicable)
  • title
  • Seller's Declarations
  • Declarations and obligations of the purchaser
  • Transfer of ownership and possession
  • Statement concerning the preliminary contract
  • Election of domicile
  • Additional clause (The parties may insert custom clauses)
  • Closing formalities
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