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General power of attorney

The general power of attorney allows you to name a person who can act on your behalf...more

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For the appointment of a mandatary to the business $8
Questionnaires review with a member of our legal team
- No credit for this option.

* These fees may be changed within a 60-day notice and in accordance with section 71 of the Code of ethics of notaries.

GST and QST not included.

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  • The available general power of attorney was drafted by notaries.
  • This customized general power of attorney meets the needs of a majority of people wishing to choose who can act on their behalf.
  • Your personalized general power of attorney will include the main clauses listed in the "Summary" tab.
  • An optional clause for the appointment of a mandatary to the business is available for those who are in or own a business.
  • The signing of a general power of attorney gives your mandatary all the necessary powers to manage your property as you would do it yourself. It is therefore very important to appoint a person of great trust to look after your property, whether with the powers of simple or full administration of property.
  • For a general power of attorney whereof terms are more complex, please contact  .


Summary of the clauses available for the preparation of your general power of attorney.

  • Identification of the mandator
  • Revocation
  • Appointment of the attorney/mandatary
  • Powers of the attorney/manadatary
  • Appointment of the mandatary to the business (Optional)
  • Powers of the mandatary to the business (Optional)
  • Resignation of the attorney/mandatary
  • Remuneration
  • Rendering of account
  • General provisions
  • End of the mandate
  • Civil status
  • Interpretation clause
  • Closing formalities

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