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Offer to purchase - vacant land

Your offer to purchase for a vacant land in order to well start your negotiations...more

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Available options

Balance of sale price $7
Privilege to continue to offer the immovable property for sale, with the clause of right of first refusal in favour of the purchaser $7
Acceptance conditional to the cancellation of another promise to purchase previously accepted by the seller $7
Waiver of a right of first refusal provided in another document $7
Environmental analysis $7
Zoning verification $7
Rezoning or obtaining a permit $7
To obtain the extract of the resolution of the offeror $5
To obtain the extract of the resolution of the seller $5
Questionnaires review with a member of our legal team
- No credit for this option.

* These fees may be changed within a 60-day notice and in accordance with section 71 of the Code of ethics of notaries.

GST and QST not included.

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  • The offer to purchase is an extremely important document in the negotiations that would lead to the acquisition of a new land.
  • It is a contract whereby the purchaser agrees to purchase and in return, the seller, who accepts the offer to purchase, undertakes to sell under the conditions established therein.
  • The offer to purchase therefore binds both parties.
  • The non-compliance with the offer to purchase may have serious legal consequences for the party who refuses to comply with such a contract; if:
    • The seller refuses to execute the offer to purchase, the purchaser may require the court to force the seller to sell with the conditions specified in the offer to purchase;
    • If the purchaser does not want to perform his obligation anymore, the seller may apply to the court for damages due to the suffered disturbances.
  • Although the offer to purchase for a vacant land, available on this website, is a comprehensive document that will normally meet your needs, we also offer, as an option, a review or legal support service.
  • For an offer to purchase whereof conditions are more complex, we invite you to contact  .


Summary of clauses available for the preparation of your offer to purchase.

  • Identification of the parties
  • Subject matter of the offer to purchase
  • Purchase price
  • Conditions of the offer to purchase (series of optional conditions, some of which are subject to an additional fee):
    • Financing
    • Assumption of existing obligations
    • Balance of sale price ($)
    • Privilege of continuing to offer the property for sale ($)
    • Acceptance conditional upon the cancellation of another previously accepted offer ($)
    • Waiver of right of first refusal ($)
    • Analysis of the soil bearing capacity
    • Environmental Analysis ($)
    • Zoning verification ($)
    • Rezoning or obtaining permits and licences ($)
    • Soil test prior to the construction of a septic system
  • Declarations and obligations of the seller
  • Declarations and obligations of the purchaser
  • Arrangements for the transfer of ownership and taking possession
  • Election of domicile
  • Terms of acceptance and signatures

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