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Tax numbers (GST/QST)

You must be registered for GST and QST account numbers when your total sales and/or services exceed $30,000 per year...more

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If you also wish to obtain account numbers for the SD/PD
- A period of 4 to 10 business days is required to process your request

* These fees may be changed within a 60-day notice and in accordance with section 71 of the Code of ethics of notaries.

GST and QST not included.

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  • If you make sales or provide services for a total annual value of over $30,000, you must generally collect taxes (GST/QST), regardless of whether you are a natural or a legal person.
  • To collect the taxes, you must be registered for the GST/QST.
  • For more information or more complex situations, please contact  .

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