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Declaration of legal heirs

The declaration of legal heirs or inheritance allows you to draw up a list of the deceased's heirs within the meaning of the Civil Code of Quebec...more

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  • When a person dies without leaving a Will or leaving an incomplete Will, the declaration of legal heirs will allow you to list the heirs of the deceased as provided in the Civil Code of Quebec.
  • The declaration is used when dealing with different stakeholders such as:
    • banks;
    • credit unions;
    • insurance companies;
    • or for claims of assets or others.
  • In this same document, the heirs can also proceed with the appointement of a liquidator who will administer the estate assets.
  • The Civil Code of Quebec requires no formality for this declaration, but some financial institutions, according to their internal policies, may require that the affidavit attached to the said document is signed before a notary. It is best to verify if the institution has specific requirements for the certification of signatures before completing the declaration.
  • For more information and more complex situations, we invite you to contact  .

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Options and fees
Declaration of legal heirs $75
Appointment of liquidator $35
In order to have the affidavit, attached to the document, signed by one of the heirs before a notary from Notaire-Direct Inc. office, located in Montreal.
- This option requires the intervention of a member of our team, so its cost is never credited.
Have your questionnaires reviewed by a member of our legal team
- This option requires the intervention of a member of our team, so its cost is never credited.

You can choose to draft the "declaration of legal heirs" online. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Before starting the settlement of an estate, you should make sure that you have in your possession the final Will search from the Chambre des notaires du Québec and from the Barreau du Québec, as well as the death certificate issued by the Registrar of civil status;
  • Start the service by clicking on the blue button labelled "Click here to start";
  • If it is not done yet, please register;
  • Complete the questionnaire by entering the information required for the preparation of the declaration;
  • Once you have completed the questionnaire, you pay the required fee with your credit card;
  • Print your declaration and proceed with its signature in accordance with the formalities required by the institution to which it will be presented;

For more complex situations requiring further analysis, please contact  .

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